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You have choices…

As a business owner, you have as many choices in web design companies as you have decisions to make. Choosing a firm can be overwhelming.

we can help.

Here’s why you should choose us for all your
digital marketing and web design needs.


All visual aspects associated with your brand: logos, color choice, business cards, print and custom graphics.

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OK, so you need some custom branding, either totally from scratch or you need to modernize and expand. We run your needs through a simple but thorough process:

discover > visualize > create > refine

Inside this process is a detailed back and forth of visualization, understanding your brand’s core values and culture, back story and most importantly, your target customer. Nothing matters more than them. We have a personal taste for elegant brand styles, but if your ideal customer puts their trust in a more rugged brand, that’s what we create.

We use Pinterest, questionnaires and brand comparisons to visualize with you before we even touch a pixel.

If you’re in need of branding, let’s go ahead and begin the process with a free consultation.

Blog Management

Content strategy, copywriting, design, scheduling and social sharing.

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Fully SEO driven Blog Management. After identifying your goals for conversion, we research your industry and match up your goals with the customer desire. Next, we develop a content strategy, write, design, schedule and post blogs. Based on the competition in your industry, we’ll provide feedback on how many blogs per month we think it will take to out rank your competition.

Email Marketing + Funnels

Setup, strategy and build-out of email templates, dynamic lead magnets and sales funnels.

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Search Engine Optimization

On-page SEO, off-page SEO, influencer outreach and content strategy.

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Web Design

WordPress or Shopify based custom website design. Responsive, modern and always super clean.

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We specialize in WordPress, one of the most powerful and dynamic content management systems on earth. With WordPress, everything is possible and each design is totally unique and custom created.

Shopify has some truly powerful ecommerce tools, so we can also work with you if that is your preference.

Our web design projects usually include branding, graphic design and a little copywriting.

Website Concierge

Our most customized offering. Plans from basic WordPress maintenance to full-service agency offerings.

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This is both for the minimalist and the growth driven. Basic maintenance consists of core and plugin updates, security and backups and emergency support should anything happen.*

Our full-service Concierge services consists of:

+ Basic web maintenance
+ Ongoing SEO enhancements
+ 2 new backlinks per month
+ 300 citations (first month only)
+ Blog management
+ Allocated developer/designer hours for graphic design, print design, new pages on-site, amazon product listings and more.*

*limitations apply

Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content: strategic, custom graphics and copy for your product pages.

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Not a writer? Our team of writers can research and speak with authority on just about anything. 

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What We Don't Do

There are pitfalls to working with inexperienced freelance web designers. 

Unclear Communication

If you’ve ever worked with a freelance web designer, you know that sometimes the biggest challenge is communication. Perhaps it takes days or weeks for them to respond. Perhaps they disappear altogether. Or when you do communicate, they don’t follow up in a timely manner or get the work done in the way you preferred.

The Solution

Enhanced Brand Agency has been around long enough to have refined the communication systems. Email is good, but project management software is best. Trello is our go-to for visualizing and sharing the project’s progress with clients, where due dates are set and each phase is transparently laid out for the client to see.

Unoriginal Work

Many freelance web designers will use templates, which are premade designs (usually be the developers of the wordpress theme). While this is a faster way for the freelancer to work, it doesn’t afford the client originality. Depending on the project, this might be fine…

The Solution

At Enhanced Brand Agency, if we use templates, it is so that we can stay within your budget. That said, we will never deliver a generic templatized website. We may use the bones of a template, but we always customize the final designs with your unique brand styling.

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