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Dream Council

A community resource and inspiration space for practicing dreamers and dreamworkers.

Dream Council

A community resource and inspiration space for practicing dreamers and dreamworkers.

Project Overview

When I came across Dream Council, I saw the potential it could have as a digital resource for an audience interested in dreams. So I offered everything I could to the project. The client was happy to allow me to be the creative director, from content, branding and design to the marketing and digital strategy.


  Web Design

  Logo Design

  Brand Identity

  Graphic Design


✓  Copywriting

✓  Marketing


The Logo

I knew that I didn’t want to do the predictable: a dreamcatcher. So, inspired by the work of dream analyst Carl Jung, I began with a mandala.

But… this felt a little too nebulous to be the core identity. The next evolution was a feather, an essential part of the dreamcatcher, whose metaphoric purpose is to cleanse and purify the dreams before they “enter” the dreamer.

I chose a dream ally of my own, the rainbow macaw, a bird who is associated with language and communication skills. The concept of transforming abstract experience into language felt incredibly relevant to the dream process, and the colorful logo took flight.

The Brand Identity

The brand visuals emerged from the client’s ritualistic Sunday dream group-sessions. Rich with the elements, nature and sacredness, invoking a sense of warmth and grounded wholeness.

I felt strongly that, rather than clouds and typical ethereal elements associated with dreams, we would better serve to focus on tangible, grounded symbols. At the core of Dream Council, there is an honoring of the waking life and what it means to be a human who knows she is also a dreamer.

Digital Strategy

At the start of this project, there was so much potential. Over the course of the website project, I had become incredibly invested in Dream Council in a personal way and became a content creator.

As a result of implementing various digital strategies, the mailing list bloomed along with an active fb community (1,000+ new members in less than 4 months). Dream Council is now seen as an authority on dreams, and the genuine interest is continuing to grow organically.