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We value your time, so we’ve crafted this proposal especially for you, hopefully in such a way that can be easily and quickly absorbed. There’s a lot more data we can offer you in the discovery phase of working together, but this is a start.


I mean, if our proposals look this good, imagine how awesome your website will be.

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The Problem


old Brand

In with the new… Dr. Ginger Price has developed a long-standing reputation for cosmetic dentistry. While appreciating her efforts, it’s time to expand upon the community’s trust and develop a luxury brand that is bespoke and relative to a wider demographic.

old Website

With the acquisition of Dr. Ginger Price’s practice came her brand. Most of her domain reputation will transfer to the new site once it’s redirected, but it needs a completely new domain, infrastructure and responsive design.

SEO Strategy

Current Google ranking is mostly based upon the name of Dr. Ginger Price, and therefore you’re only catching the attention of past or current patients. We need to implement a keyword strategy to rank for certain high-volume search terms.


patient Accessibility

Mobile interface is unfriendly
No regularly updated content
No UX strategy
No chatbot

customer assessment


Local residents within 10 miles of the Clinic tend to be older unattached individuals enjoying settled urban lives. Most of them rent (78%), and have modest income.

Avg. Age

Avg. $ Income





Strategy will change with a more refined understanding of your business goals in discovery phase.

The Solution

Unique Brand

Whether it’s “zendental” or “Dr. Cameron Turner”, the new brand we create is going to effortlessly make a statement: We take immaculate care of our patients at every single touchpoint.

Modern Website

Google likes responsive design, keyword rich content, alt text, inner-linking, perfectly optimized images and SSL’s, and we love Google. We’ll analyze the competition and out-perform them.

Conversion Optimization

Free Exam. Dental Health Quiz. Create an Appointment. There are too many Call to Action’s on the current site, none of which are especially eye-catching. We’ll make it more coherent and get you more lead conversions.

Live Chat Bot

Virtually everyone has facebook messenger. Rather than only sending your customers to an obscure Contact form, we’ll make it easier than ever for your staff to communicate and consult with potential patients on every page, if you decide you want this feature.


New traffic = new patients. You need to be ranking for more than just “Dr. Ginger Price” and her current brand. Keywords like “phoenix dentist” and “dentist phoenix”.

Competition & allies

Out -Perform the Competition

As lead generation specialists, we have the tools to analyze the competition so we can set goals that will make a difference in your business.

Competitor #1: Harris Dental

✓ Responsive
✓ Modern (relatively)
✓ SEO Optimized
✓ Clear Call To Action

Their Google Ranking:

#1 – “dental office in phoenix az”
#1 – “dentist offices in phoenix az”
#3 – “dental mesa”

#4 – “phoenix dentist”
#9 – “dentist mesa az”

What we can do better:

+ Branding
+ Web Design
+ User Experience
+ Google Ranking*

*with long-term commitment to maintenance

Competitor #2: Northern Smiles

✓ Responsive
✓ Modern (relatively)
✓ SEO Optimized

Their Google Ranking:

#2 – “dental implants phoenix az”
#50 – “phoenix dentist”
#50 – “best dentist in phoenix”

#71 – “dentist phoenix az”

What we can do better:

+ Google Ranking*
+ Branding
+ Web Design
+ User Experience

*with long-term commitment to maintenance

Slide The psychology of color. And how we leverage it for your brand Color has been known to have a powerful psychological impact on people’s behavior and decisions. Color can often be the powerful reason for someone's purchase of a product. NEXT SLIDE Slide Green = Health Natural, organic and grounded Green is associated with freshness, nature and growth Health brands most often utilize all gradients of green to build consumer trust immediately.
Gender preference: 14% Female vs. 14% Male...
Slide Purple = Prestige Enhancing power & status Purple is associated with prestige, power and sophistication. Beauty brands often utilize the color purple. Gender preference: 23% Female vs. 1% Male... NEXT SLIDE Slide Blue = Trust & Calm Calming Dental Anxiety It is evaluated that 80% of Americans have some anxiety regarding dental treatment and 5-14% them feel intense dental anxiety.

We have an opportunity to make a calming impression right from the beginning that they can trust, relax and be taken care of.
Gender Preference: 57% Male, 35% Female


The Power of Images

Alongside the importance of choosing the right brand colors, the images chosen are the first impressions, and the biggest leverage in influencing your customer to trust and convert. We’ll create a brand that’s on the level of these trendy heavy-hitters:




Smile Direct Club





The project phases


The discovery phase informs all levels of the digital strategy. SEO, Content Audits, Keyword Planning, Brand Discovery…


Once we have a clear understanding of the goals and highest leverage services, we’ll start to build the site.


We send you updates on major iterations to ensure you’re happy with the design. We’ll revise until you’re happy.

Launch + maintain

After deploying the new site, we’ll direct the old one and capture it’s domain rating. We also offer ongoing maintenance.

About Me

Hello! I’m Aluna. I’ve Been Building Websites for 8 Years

I majored in Video Game Design and Motion Graphics, so I understand the importance of movement and storytelling when aiming to capture and keep the attention of a user. Over the years, I’ve learned what it takes to rank on Google, which is more powerful than a “pretty” design that no one sees.

  • Design
  • Digital Strategy + SEO
  • UX & UI

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