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Hi Dave,

I value your time, so I’ve crafted this proposal especially for you, hopefully in such a way that can be easily and quickly absorbed. There’s a lot more data I can offer you in the discovery phase of working together, but this is a start.


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The Problem


old Brand

In with the new. We’re going to modernize your web presence such that each touchpoint with your current and potential clients have a seamless, professional and secure experience.

old Website

Things have changed online drastically since the last design of your site. The notable of which is smartphone friendly responsive design, and Google’s ranking algorithms which favor responsive design over non-responsive.

SEO Strategy

Current Google ranking is mostly based upon your name, and therefore you’re only catching the attention of those who know who you are. This is not inherently bad, but we can expand to implement a keyword strategy that ranks you for new exposure and relevant high-volume search terms.

The Solution

Modernize +

Potential clients want to see a brand that matches their expectations of your expertise. The psychology we’re leveraging is:

Impeccability at each Touchpoint  = Trust. 

Touchpoints we’ll rebrand:

Business Cards + Print


Website Google Ranking


Website + Social Networks


Invoicing + Payment Gateway


What we're looking at...

Traffic value- for value of SEO strategy.
Organic keywords- useful in understanding the intentional use of content on each domain that Google considers useful to its users.
Backlinks- Domains linking back to their site. We can use adding backlinks as strategy to build more trust-flow, which, adds to overall reputation to your DR (domain rating).



+ Quick Competitor Analysis…

Slide The psychology of color. And how we leverage it for your brand Color has been known to have a powerful psychological impact on people’s behavior and decisions. Color can often be the powerful reason for someone's purchase of a product. NEXT SLIDE Slide Blue = Trust + Loyalty We have an opportunity to make a calming impression right from the beginning that your potential customer can trust, relax and be taken care of.

Gender Preference: 57% Male, 35% Female
Slide Red = Passion Energetic, Alert and Action The color is warm and makes our minds think of our physical needs and our will to survive. It has a strong masculine energy and can often be linked to strength and power. Its color can help excite the emotions and motivate people to act, plus it signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination.
Gender preference: 9% Female vs. 7% Male...
Slide Purple = Prestige Enhancing power & status Purple is associated with prestige, power and sophistication. Beauty brands often utilize the color purple. Gender preference: 23% Female vs. 1% Male... NEXT SLIDE Slide Yellow = Intellect Optimism, Warmth, Happiness, Extroversion Yellow seems to have the smallest fan club of all the colors, but those who do like it are passionate about their preference. It is widely considered a cheerful hue, but too much yellow can also trigger feelings of anger, frustration, fear, and anxiety. Because it has a relatively long wavelength, it is the most visible color; it’s stimulating and attention-grabbing. Traffic signs, advertisements, legal pads, and certain warning labels take advantage of this fact.

Gender preference: 13% Female vs. 13% Male...

The project phases


The discovery phase informs all levels of the digital strategy. SEO, Content Audits, Keyword Planning, Brand Discovery…


Once we have a clear understanding of the goals and highest leverage services, we’ll start to build the site develop the logo.


We send you updates on major iterations to ensure you’re happy with the design. We’ll provide a reasonable number of revisions until you’re happy.

Launch + maintain

After deploying the new site, we’ll direct the old one and capture it’s domain rating.

Ongoing Strategy

Each Deliverable is a hypothetical of services I can potentially render under the monthly retainer.



Cost Structure

Brand Enhancements


Print Materials

  • Brochures
  • New Business Cards
  • Letterhead

One-Time Projects


Social Media Creative

  • Linkedin Banner + Icon
  • Facebook Banner + Icon
  • etc…

First Design Included

with website redesign

Email Signature


First Design Included

with website redesign

Email Marketing + Newsletters

  • One-time Setup
  • Integration on-site


provided monthly.

New Articles + Content

  • Blog Banners + Social Images
  • Add 1-4 new Articles per week

Monthly Retainer


Landing Page Design


Small Ebook Design


Infographic Design


Email Marketing

  • Newsletter Header Design
  • Implementation + scheduling

Case Study PDF


Website Enhancements

provided monthly.

Citations [50]

for 6 months

Monthly Retainer


Wordpress Updates

  • Backups
  • Staging Updates
  • Core Updates
  • Plugin Updates

Title and Meta Description Writing


Backlinks [6]



provided monthly.

SEO Report


Monthly Retainer


Time + Task Report


Monthly Estimate:


10-20 hours



$1-2 K

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